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Specialised Translation

The Master in Specialised Translation is a title inter coordinated by the University of Vic and involving Nebrija University (Madrid) and the Universidad San Jorge (Zaragoza). Suppose the update program Specialized Translation offered by UVic between 2007 and 2013, and aims to train professionals and scholars in the fields that generate more demand within the translation industry. For this reason, therefore, that offers the possibility of obtaining these specialties:

  • Scientific and technical translation and information technology
  • Audiovisual translation, multimedia translation and localization
  • Translation, literature and gender
  • Legal and financial translation

The Master in Specialised Translation is part of a context in which the needs associated with linguistic mediation are increasingly weight: thus, in response to the demands of society and the professional network today, prepares trainees to work in environments marked by multiculturalism, multilingualism, multimodality, multitasking and use of ICT.

The master is proposed as one of the specialized training in logical translation for students with diverse profiles of prior learning:

  • Graduates in Translation who want to improve their translation skills in areas of specialized translation or follow a route search in translation.
  • Graduates Studies, Applied Languages, Modern Languages ​​and related disciplines who, from their language skills, wish to obtain training in translation that open new avenues of research or professional.
  • Graduates in scientific, technological, legal, economic, social, etc. who want to be trained in the field of translation and specialize in translation related to their field of expertise, who are always ready level language access requirements established.


On the one hand, the Master in Specialised Translation offers the student the opportunity to come to the main areas of research in translation and, thus, advanced studies followed later that lead to the achievement of a thesis later PhD. It gives access to the doctoral program at the University of Vic in Translation, Gender and Cultural Studies, and also the innovation and educational.

Moreover, the Master also allows you to follow a professional track enables students to work professionally in the fields of translation that generate more demand.

Distinctive features

  • The inter-university Master in Specialised Translation to leverage the resources of the three universities and share bid aimed, first, the students of the three regions involved, and it is an offer in online mode, the students Spain, the European Higher Education Area and other nations.
  • The teaching methodology of the Master in Specialised Translation is based on virtual learning through a virtual campus relies on the integrated use of ICT sector-specific translation (forums, chats, video conferencing, bulletin boards repositories documentary programs assisted translation, voice work, etc.). The three universities have proven experience in the use of virtual environments for teaching translation.
  • Being an online offer, the Master in Specialised Translation is an excellent option for people who are far from the centre study or to work or family obligations, it can focus exclusively on academic tasks and combine with other activities of all kinds.