Masters and postgraduates oriented form requesting company profiles and country.

At the same time, they represent a good opportunity to update skills, develop new professional skills and enjoy the act of learning.

The range of UVic-UCC divided into four types of programs: master's degrees, master's degrees, certificates and courses.

Can access graduates, graduates, engineers and technical engineers. They have a load of 60 credits (one academic year). Official studies are used to continue doctoral studies.

Our Masters

Designed to meet the demands of most current business environment. Also consist of a minimum of 60 credits. Its orientation is strictly professional and not give access to doctoral studies.

The Postgraduates Studies

Allow specialization and depth in a specific area. Are shorter, equivalent to 30 credits in a semester developed. Do not give access to doctoral studies.

Specialization Courses

These training activities aimed at upgrading and specialization. The duration can be very variable.