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Sports card 2023/2024

  • The UVic Sports Card gives you access to our partner sports club and associations.
  • The Sports Card is online. This is no physical card this year.
  • Payment cannot be refunded under any circumstances, including closure or restrictions on capacity of facilities as a Covid-19 preventive measure.


What are the advantages of the UVic digital sports card 2023/24?

Cardholders are entitled to:

  • use the following sports facilities for free and obtain discounts

C/Josep Maria Pallàs,1 08500-Vic. Tel.938853121

  • Swimming pool and gym: free entry.
  • Phisiotherapy service (Xevi Pascuet). Exclusive UVic price: 35€
  • Entry times: Monday to Friday from 6:30 until 17:00, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 until 20:00. Bank holidays from 9:00 until 14:00. From 15/09/23 until 15/06/24.
  • Advantatges: Sport classes monday until 17:45h: 12,95€/month - Swimming pool until 21:30h: 15,95€/month - Gym + Sport classes until 21:30h: 35,45€/month

C/Antoni Vilà, s/n 08500-Vic. Tel.938850480

  • Athletics track: free entry (from 9 until 20:30h). From 15/09/22 until 14/09/23
  • Running club: 10€/month (monday and wednesday, 19 until 20:30h). Tel.: 744480648
  • Competition club (Federació Catalana d'Atletisme): 15€/month 
  • Gimnàs UVic Club Atlètic Vic: free entry (Monday to Friday from 17 until 21). Entry times: from 19/0923 until 15/06/24
  • No changing room and shower service

Avda.Olímpia,s/n 08503-Gurb. Tel.938833460

  • Paddle and tennis courts: 3€/person/hour.
  • Beach volleyball: 3€/person/hour.
  • Entry times: from 8:00 until 17:00. From 15/09/23 until 14/09/24.
  • Advance booking at Tel.938833460

Ctra.d'Olot s/n, 0 08560-Manlleu - Tel.938511355

  • Swimming pool: 4,5 € every time.
  • From 15/09/23 until 14/09/24.

C/Lluís Companys,8 08401-Granollers. Tel.938704599

  • Swimming pool and gym: free entry.
  • Entry times: Monday to Friday from 8:00 until 17:30, Saturday from 7 to 20:30h and Sunday from 9 to 14h. From 15/09/23 al 15/06/24.

C/Camp de les Moreres,23 08401-Granollers.

  • Paddle and tennis courts: free entry 
  • Entry times: Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 until 17:30h, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 until 14h. From 15/09/23 al 14/09/24. 
  • Advance booking whasapp 626237132). 

C/Camp de les Moreres, s/n 08401-Granollers. Tel. 626.851.542

  • Athletics track: free entry (previous booking at Servei d'Esports-Ajuntament de Granollers)
  • Entry times: Monday to Friday from 9 until 17h). From 15/09/2023 al 14/09/2024.
  • Advance booking at Servei d'Esports-Ajuntament de Granollers Tel.928426847 


How much does it cost?

The sports card costs €45.

Who is eligible for the sports card?

  • Students of official courses
  • Students of master’s degrees and postgraduate studies of the CIFC (International Centre for Continuing Education)
  • Students of the Language School (only annual face-to-face or video-conference courses)
  • Teaching and/or administration staff
  • Teknós students

Where can I get my sports card?

  1. Enter the UVic Virtual Campus > UHub icon
  2. Select the Sports Card option.
  3. Pay online (€45)
  4. Check that the Sport Card accreditation has been activated:
    -This icon in your Virtual Campus confirms that you are a user of the Sports Card
    -This icon in your UVic app

When can I apply and when does it expire?

You can apply for your sports card from the 15th September, and during the whole academic year. The card is valid for one academic year (from 15/09/23 to 14/09/24). Check out the clubs conditions (some clubs expire at 15/06).

What to do in case of injury or accident

  • In the event of a minor injury or accident, you should go to Academic Administration (AGA) or the Sports Service to inform them of the injury or accident, fill out the Accident Communication document, and then go to the nearest medical centre.
  • In the event of a serious injury or accident, or if you are unable to contact the Academic Administration (AGA) or the Sports Service, you should first go to the nearest medical centre and then go to the AGA or the Sports Service to inform them of the injury or accident, and fill out the Accident Communication document.
  • The associated healthcares centres at Vic are:
  • Hospital Universitari de Vic (Open 24/7)
    C/ de Francesc Pla el Vigatà, 1 08500 Vic
    Tel. 938 891 111
  • Bayés clínica (Open daily, 9:00-21:00h)
    Rda. Francesc Camprodon, 4. Vic
    Tel. 938 816 500 / 938 893 587
  • Clínica Sant Josep (Open 24/7)
    C/ Sant Segimon, 3 08500 Vic
    Tel. 938 861 700


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