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Management training for business is reinforced in Central Catalonia with a cooperation agreement between EADA Business School and UVic-UCC

Directius d'EADA i de la UVic-UCC

Management training for business is reinforced in Central Catalonia with a cooperation agreement between EADA Business School and UVic-UCC

Last Monday, EADA Business School and the University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC), through its Vic and Manresa campuses, signed a cooperation agreement to bring the Catalan business school's training for senior management to the territories of Central Catalonia, and to the Osona and Bages regions in particular, and to provide access to specialised training in competencies and key skills in the business world.

The postgraduate course in Commercial Management and Sales that EADA Business School is currently teaching will take place at UVic, and its postgraduate course in Project Management will be taught at UManresa. A third programme will also be available soon, based on sustainability and ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria. The programmes will be taught in partnership by the teaching teams at EADA and UVic-UCC, and provide specialised training in business for companies in the region.

Commercial and project management skills

The aim of this cooperation agreement is to train directors and managers of areas of large companies and SMEs in Central Catalonia, by updating and accelerating the commercial and project management skills of the regions' labour force.

In Osona, this labour force amounts to 5,340 companies, which work in the industrial sector (16.9%), the construction sector (10.6%) and an essential primary sector (4.6%) within which the food and agriculture value chain is the most important sectoral specialist field in the region, and a key factor in maintaining its rural-urban balance. Of the 58,077 jobs created by these companies, 14.3% are in the agricultural-industrial sector; 13.6% are in commerce, and 10.6% are in the metal and electronics sector (figures from the sixth report on competitiveness in the Osona region, February 2023).

Meanwhile, in the Bages region, the labour force is structured around 3,018 companies, and in terms of turnover, the most important are those working in the food sector and automotive auxiliaries, which account for 12% and 11% of the total respectively (figures from the Business Structure of Bages 2023 yearbook, published by Manresa City Council).  

A distinguishing feature for the territory

According to the rector of the UVic-UCC, Josep Eladi Baños, this new agreement is "a unique opportunity to continue offering top-level training in the territory and to pass on the benefits of an alliance that we already have in place with the various centres within the framework of UVic - UCC to companies and professionals in the central regions of the country." "This is in line with our conviction that the university must be a distinguishing feature in the territories where it is located," says the rector, who says that "this agreement is part of the strategic project for UVic-UCC's postgraduate schools for the next five years," and enables it to "strengthen its ties with an internationally recognised renowned business school, EADA," referring to its recent listing in the annual ranking of the Financial Times newspaper in Great Britain.

Meanwhile, Jordi Díaz, the dean of EADA, stresses that "this agreement is a very important milestone for EADA, since all the institutions who are party to this agreement want to offer the best business training with high standards of quality, rigour and recognition. We are very happy to be able to support professionals from the Osona and Bages regions."

The signing of the agreement was also attended by the general manager of the Balmes University Foundation, (FUBalmes), Jordi Baiget; the general manager of the Bages University Foundation, Antoni Llobet; the director of Executive Education of EADA, Miquel Roselló; UVic-UCC's Corporate Policy Development coordinator and the director of the UVic Graduate School, Eduard Prats, and the Corporate Development director at UManresa, Carlota Riera.


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