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Language courses

UVic-UCC language context

Catalonia has about seven million inhabitants and its own language and culture that make up its distinctive character.

Catalan is the main language at UVic-UCC and, together with Spanish, is the co-official throughout Catalonia. Since Catalan is spoken across the whole region, we strongly recommend that you register for the Catalan language courses offered at the University.

The International Relations Office and the main UVic-UCC services offer information in Catalan, Spanish and English.

Spanish and foreign language courses

UVic has its own Language School and all international students can attend language courses there —Spanish (free), English, French and German— subject to enrolment at Academic Administration.

If you wish to study at the UVic Language School, remember to fill in an application form at the School and take the language level test.

Bear in mind that language courses are academic courses and you must do all assignments and attend exams in order to get a final grade and a UVic-UCC language certificate. With this certificate you will get ECTS credits, which you may need for further recognition at your home institution.

Further information:

Catalan language course

We offer the following free course for international students:

  • Extensive course (3 ECTS credits / 75 hours per semester: 30 class hours + 45 hours individual work)

This course is offered by the Language Services, which work for the University and wider community to further three main goals:

  • Promote the use of Catalan as the main UVic-UCC language
  • Promote the use of other languages for communication within the framework of the European Higher Education Area
  • Respond to the diverse language needs of UVic-UCC

Language Services activities fall into four groups:

  • Training (Catalan language courses for international students, Self-Access Centre)
  • Language support activities (welcome activities, language volunteers and UVic Buddy programme, conversation exchanges)
  • Proofreading and translation of all kinds of documents and interpreting services
  • Provision of language resources (language criteria, model documents, terminology, learning resources, teaching support)

Further information:

Self-access language learning

The Self-Access Centre is a service for self-study of Catalan, French, English and German. It is for everyone interested in learning a language who cannot attend a standard course. UVic-UCC students (also international students) and staff enjoy free access to this Centre.

The Self-Access Centre offers teaching and learning materials: textbooks, graded readers, periodicals, audiovisual material, etc. It also offers language advice, conversation groups and tandems. It has a database with self-study references and an online list with people interested in language exchanges.

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