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University Smart Card (TUI)

University Smart Card (TUI)

The University Smart Card or Targeta Universitària Intel·ligent (TUI) is a smartphone application that identifies you as a member of the UVic-UCC community.



What is it and who can use it?

The University Smart Card is more than a symbol of UVic-UCC membership. It gives you access to a host of study services (in Spanish), leisure activities (sports and cultural activities, societies, human towers, Theatre Group etc.) and audiovisual equipment from U-Media.

It provides special discounts in shops and services around Catalonia.

Check out these discounts and enjoy!

Who can apply for the University Smart Card?

  • All students registered in standard studies, master’s courses, UVic-specific postgraduate courses and the Language School.
  • All administrative, service and teaching staff at UVic-UCC.

The University Smart Card is valid as long as you remain part of the university community.

What advantages does it have?

With the University Smart Card you are eligible for the following discounts and services:

  • Cultural activities (Cineclub Vic).
  • U-Vals discounts.
  • Use of UVic services, such as the library or Audiovisuals Service (U-Media).

When and how can you get it?

Anyone with access to the UVic-UCC Virtual Campus can download the application from Android or iOS app stores.

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