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The 'UE Back to University' project arrives at UVic-UCC

Banderes de la Unió Europea

The 'UE Back to University' project arrives at UVic-UCC

Pere Puig Anglada, the Senior Legal Expert in the Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission, will be visiting UVic-UCC on 31 October as part of the EU Back to University project.

EU Back to University is an initiative by the European Union (EU) which gives its staff the opportunity to visit their old university or another university of their choice to talk to students about the EU, and debate with them about various issues related to it and about their personal experience in the institutions.

This project enables students and teaching staff to find out more about the European project and get to know the EU staff. It also gives them the opportunity to speak openly about various European issues, take part in a debate about the European project, and express their points of view.

During his visit to UVic-UCC, Pere Puig will give a lecture on the EU for students, which will take place in the UVic Film Classroom at 11 am. During the event, he will focus on aspects including the Erasmus and DiscoverEU programmes, the European Solidarity Corps, and internships in European institutions, among other subjects. A welcome event and various institutional meetings are also planned.


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