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The UVic-UCC Vic and Manresa campuses create a joint range of lifelong learning business courses

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The UVic-UCC Vic and Manresa campuses create a joint range of lifelong learning business courses

Starting next year, the Vic and Manresa campuses of the University of Vic - Central University (UVic-UCC) will have a joint range of lifelong learning courses with innovative programmes in the field of business. The initiative has been organised jointly by the Balmes University Foundation, the institution that owns UVic-UCC, and the Bages University Foundation, the owner of UManresa. The aim is to offer professionals and companies in central Catalonia in particular the opportunity to update their knowledge, with innovative programmes in areas including business management and administration, financial management, digital commerce, leadership and marketing, in a university environment and without leaving the region. 

Jordi Baiget, the general manager of the Balmes University Foundation, believes that the new joint range of courses is "another example of how UVic-UCC is an institution providing territorial balance, and one of the main motors for knowledge and innovation in central Catalonia." "The University's responsibility is to be a strategic tool committed to the sectors of specialisation and integrated into the economic fabric of the region, and initiatives like this one embody that vocation." Valentí Martínez, the general director of the Bages University Foundation, emphasised that "this joint range of courses is a sign of the University's potential to respond to the needs of both professionals and companies. It is also an example of its commitment to the territory and its development."

Seven initial programmes: four master's degrees and three postgraduate studies 

Seven programmes, four master's degrees and three postgraduate studies will initially be offered. They are already being marketed by the postgraduate schools on both campuses and will begin in the autumn. The aim is to expand this range in subsequent academic years with further courses in the field of business and other areas including health and education, in which the University is a leading institution. 

The joint programmes include the Executive MBA, which has already been taught this year, which is a one-year master's degree course aimed at managerial profiles and designed to work on knowledge and skills for high-impact leadership in responsible organisations and in continuous innovation. The new range of courses also includes the master's degrees in Digital Marketing and in Sport Management & Marketing, which was previously taught on the Vic Campus, and in Accounting, Finance and Tax Management , which was taught at UManresa. There are three postgraduate courses: in Digital Marketing and e-commerce, in Digital Marketing and Business Analytics, in Taxation and Finance, in Accounting and Finance, in Accounting and Taxation, and in Management of People and Organisations. 

Under the heading of "Executive Innovation," this entire range comes together in a single methodological area, which "applies disruptive training trends and adds innovation to the extensive teaching experience of UVic-UCC in order to contribute to the human and broad-based growth of the company," explains Eduard Prats, director of the UVic Postgraduate School. 

The courses are aimed above all at "professionals who have previous training and experience, possibly with high levels of responsibility and with little free time, who are seeking to increase their impact, expand opportunities and open up new horizons," says Prats. For this reason, the flexibility of the schedules and the hybrid format are a constant feature, as are "the effective approach and results, and the immediate integration of updated and applied knowledge in an evolving and constantly transforming environment," adds Carlota Riera, the Director of Corporate Development at the Bages University Foundation.


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