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Orientation days and calendar

The International Relations Office organises several activities to help you settle in and get acquainted with the university and the city of Vic and Catalonia.


Before the beginning of each academic semester, we organise some Orientation Days for all the international exchange students and Double Degree students. Attendance is mandatory as detailed organizational matters, digital tools and schedules will be explained: an orientation meeting with the International Relations Office staff, an academic information session (timetables, registration, academic calendar, etc.), a UVic Services session (Virtual Campus, digital services, library, etc.), a Spanish language course, several workshops, visits around the UVic Campus and the city of Vic, etc.

Check the programme:

Autumn semester 

  • From 4 to 6 September 2024
  • Programme (will be published in July)

Spring semester 

  • from 22 to 24 January 2025
  • Programme (will be published mid-December)

CALENDAR 2023/24 (Activities and holidays)

Check the calendar to know about the activities scheduled each semester and to know about the public holidays.

Note: the Activities and Holidays' calendar for 2024/25 is still pending.

 Autumn semester 23/24 

Spring semester 23/24 

Academic calendar 2024/25

Contact the UVic international academic coordinator of the faculty you will be based in for more details about the academic calendar 2024/25 (notice that start and end dates can vary depending on the faculty). More information here.



The International Relations Office, organises several cultural activities during each semester to help you discover our region and Catalonia. Thanks to these leisure activities, the international students and mentors can get to know each other better. You will get detailed and updated information about each activity during your stay with us.


Some weeks before the start of the academic semester, you will receive the first e-mail from your UVic Buddy. Buddies are UVic students and staff who voluntarily give their time to offer wherever help or guidance you might need as you settle in at the University and will be available to you during your stay with us. They might be among your first friends here, helping you deal with issues that may arise. During each semester, these UVic Buddies will also organise a series of activities to help you feel at home.

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