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UVic Interns Programme


UVic-UCC is pleased to welcome international students to train with our research groups or specific departments.

If you are interested in completing a traineeship at UVic-UCC and you are a student of a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or a PhD, you are welcome to apply.

1. Interested? Get in touch with the department in which you would like to complete your internship.

Search for a research group, a service or a department related to your studies at our university. Get in contact with that department and inquire into the possibility of completing an internship with them. You will need to send your CV and a cover letter.

If you are unsure which department or service would suit you, please get in touch with the Careers Service at and we will do our best to advise you.

2. Once the relevant department or service has agreed to host you, complete your application.

Click on the “Application form” and follow the given steps:

UVic Interns Application Form

  • In order to complete the form, first you will have to register (Registration). To complete your registration, you will receive an email with a link to activate your account and create your password. The password should contain at least 8 characters (letters, numbers and at least one special character - i.e. ?*$!).
  • Once your account has been activated successfully, you can Log In using the same email and password.
  • Complete the form online and attach your ID document, CV (English or Spanish), cover letter, health insurance and Learning Agreement for traineeships or equivalent document (your home university will provide you with this).
  • Download the PDF version of your completed application form and send it to the Careers Service at and to your contact person at the relevant department or service.

UVic-UCC reserves the right to refuse candidates if they do not present these documents within the indicated deadlines.

General requirements

  • To have completed a minimum period of 2 years in a higher education institution.
  • To be able to provide a Learning Agreement for Traineeships or an equivalent document. This document should be provided by your home institution.
  • To have purchased the compulsory UVic Incoming Mobility Insurance. This policy will cover you during your stay in Spain for accidents, illness, civil liability and repatriation. The period covered is either 6 or 12 months. This insurance policy costs 95€ regardless of the length of your stay, with a limit of 12 months. UVic regulations on health insurance are very strict and apply to all UVic incoming and outgoing exchange students. You only know the real value of insurance when you need it!
  •  Click here to purchase the UVic Mobility Insurance and to access additional information. For further information about the UVic Incoming Mobility insurance, you can contact
  • To obtain a legal permit to stay in Spain during the length of your placement/traineeship, click here for further information.


We are ready to welcome you in Vic!

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