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General admission requirements

You can study a standard master's degree if you have:

  • A standard degree from a Spanish university (of any level and duration)
  • A foreign degree from an European Higher Education Area (EHEA) country, which enables you to study a master's degree in the issuing country
  • A foreign degree from a non-EHEA country, which is of an equivalent level to a standard degree in that country and which enables you to study at postgraduate level there. The degree does not need to be formally recognised in Spain. You will find document legalisation procedures at the Ministry of Education.

Specific admission requirements

Apart from the general entrance requirements, each master's degree has its own admissions requirements and specific selection criteria. See Master's Degrees.

Admission to a master's degree will not involve, in any case, the homologation of a previous diploma degree or recognition for any other purpose than to follow the course. In any case, once you have completed your studies, the master's degree will have full official recognition in Spain.

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