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Admissions Procedure

  1. Check you meet the admission requirements, that you have the necessary documents and scan them (Note: To access at Master’s degree level you do not need formal recognition/validation by the Spanish Ministry of Education. See Studies outside Spain)
  2. Check access and admission information to see that you meet the general requirements.
  3. Check if the master's has specific admission requirements.
  4. Make sure you have all the necessary documents.
  5. Scan the necessary documents.
  1. Go to the UVic-UCC Virtual Campus.
    1. If you already have access to the Virtual Campus, use your username and password.
    2. If you already have access to the Virtual Campus, but do not remember the password, use the 'Forgot your password'? option.
    3. If you do not have an active user account for the Virtual Campus, use the Create an account form. Once created, do not forget to activate it.
  2. When you enter the Virtual Campus, select the UAcadèmic icon to go to the online academic administration area.
  3. Select Master's degrees and doctoral studies.
  4. Select Master's degree application.

Read the master's degree online application manual for any questions you may have during the application process. 

If in doubt during the application process, contact Academic Administration by email at, by phone at +34 938 815 503, or in person.

  1. We will contact you by email with the resolution of the Admission Committee.
  2. Certificate of admission for foreign students: you can request a certificate of admission at Academic Affairs (AGA) if you pay 25% of the cost of tuition for a full academic year.
  3. If you disagree with the resolution of the Admission Committee you can file an appeal:
    • Complete the form and send it duly signed to AGA. Attach supporting documentation, if applicable.
    • Admission Committee will evaluate the reasons in your claim and issue a final decision.

When you receive confirmation of admission you have to submit a certified copy of your documentation to:

Master Degrees. Department of Academic Affairs 
University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia 
C / Sagrada Familia 7 
08500 Vic


UVic-UCC reserves the right to request the documents before admission resolution and, if necessary, we would communicate with you personally.

Certified copies may be obtained at the same institution where the documents were issued or in a notary, embassy or consulate. You can also personally present the original documentation accompanied by a copy to AGA. We will add the corresponding seal to the copies and give back the originals. If the documents are not digitally signed certified copies, they should be sent by post.

  1. We will personally inform you about registration and terms of enrollment.
  2. Fill in the registration form and present it, according to the instructions provided.
  3. Do not forget to ask at this point for credit recognition, in case you have been granted this.
  4. Verify enrolment on the virtual campus (24/48h after enrolment).
  5. Pay for your registration in accordance with the regulations (
  6. Apply for grants if appropriate. See requirements on the website
  7. Access student services.

The student is responsible for registration and must be aware of and respect UVic-UCC academic and economic regulations. See regulations:

Registration is annual and courses last either one or two semesters, as indicated in the curriculum. Registering for a subject on a course entitles you to assessment within the same academic year of tuition.

How to calculate the registration fee

Each course has a different number of ECTS credits. Check the main webpage for this information. To calculate the price, multiply the total number of credits by the price per credit and add fees and insurance. The final price may vary, for example, depending on the payment method chosen or discounts you may be eligible for. Every academic year you pay only for what you enrol in (as stated on the registration form).

For more information about the enrolment process, contact by e-mail or call +34938815503.


Required Documentation (Compulsory)

  1. Copy of ID / Passport / NIE / identity card.
  2. Transcripts of records of university degree or certified copy including all degree subjects, number of hours / credits and corresponding grades. In the case of studies completed abroad, the document must specify the grading system applied.
  3. Degree certificate or provisional certificate.
  4. Curriculum vitae.
  5. Motivation letter.
  6. Proof, if appropriate, of specific entry requirements for the master you want to apply for.

If you have a degree which give access to the master degree at UVic-UCC (Vic Campus) you do not need to submit the documentation requested in points 2 and 3.


Optional documentation

These documents are used as proof, if you have:

  • Professional experience
  • Knowledge of a third language (any language you may know excluding Spanish and Catalan)
  • Mobility in previous studies
  • Knowledge of ICT
  • Experience in research
  • Letter of reference
  • Other relevant documentation for the master you want to access

Optional items will be considered if there are more applicants than places available.

Students in the final year of their degree

If you are in your final year, you can also apply for a Master's Degree. Please indicate the date you expect to complete your studies at the time of application. Your degree certificate and transcript of records must then be sent as soon as they are available.


Studies outside Spain

UVic-UCC accept any documents issued in Catalan, Spanish or English. If the original document is not in any of these languages, the original ​​must be accompanied by a sworn translation of the original made by an offical sworn translator registered in Spain. All original non-Spanish documents must be issued by the competent authorities in accordance with the law of the country concerned and, if applicable, must be legalised before obtaining sworn translation. See the procedure on how to obtain the legalisation of your documents, if necessary.

If your documentation is not issued in one of the aforementioned languages, you need a sworn translation. You can get one through:

  1. Sworn Translator duly authorised or registered in Spain
  2. Any diplomatic or consular representation of Spain abroad
  3. The diplomatic or consular representation in Spain of the country where you have citizenship, or the country from which the documents were issued

To access a master's programme you do not need formal recognition/validation from the Spanish Ministry of Education (MEC). You need to provide the following documents:

  1. If you have official recognition in Spain, a certified copy of the certificate of approval from the MEC.
  2. If you do not have an officially recognised certificate, a certificate indicating that you have completed your studies and can access studies at postgraduate level (minimum level 3 MECES –for Spanish education- or 7 EQF –European level-or equivalent) in the country where you studied.


Studies within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)

If you have studied in the EHEA and finished a particular year, you can ask your university for a Diploma Supplement (DS). This is a document that accompanies the official university studies with unified information. It is a model document that contains all the information about your studies, and facilitates mobility within the EHEA.

If you have this document and it specifies that you can access master level studies you do not need to submit the documentation in the previous section (Studies outside Spain) or a transcript of records or certified copy of with all the subjects of the degree,  number of hours / credits and corresponding grades. If you studied in EHEA area but you cannot obtain this Diploma Supplement, you must present the documentation detailed in the previous section (Studies outside Spain).

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